Internship Agreement 



Placement of the Applicant



Homestay London takes responsibility in the placing of an applicant into an London based company for Internship, paid or unpaid.


A Job Description will be given to an applicant outlining the job at task. This is provided prior to the applicant beginning their internship.


The applicant will be employed initially in the position of Intern and must faithfully perform the duties of the position as outlined in the Job Description.


The employer may from time to time change the Job Description and duties of the applicant.


The applicant must devote all of their time, attention and skills during business hours.



Terms & Conditions


Total fees due are payable prior to placement.

Insurance fees are also payable prior to the start of Internship.


No refund is given after the start of internship except in the case of host company negligence. The applicant may ask to be placed with another organization (at no extra charge) should the following occur:

·        Sexual/racial harassment or discrimination

·        Inability of the company to continue operations

·        Inability of the company to offer the applicant an internship

·        The pre-dominant language spoken at the office is not English (unless already agreed with the applicant at the time of confirmation)

·        If the applicant is dismissed from the company due to their English level provided the applicant has not misled Homestay London/partner organisation about their English level at the time of application.




Applicants are not allowed to reject a placement offer made by Homestay London or leave their placement after starting for any of the following reasons:

·        Size of the company

·        Number of employees at the company

·        Location of the company

·        Commuting distance to the company (Commuting time of 1 hour is generally accepted in all cities due to the geography of the country)

·        International profile of the company

·        Change of preferences after application

·        Changes in internship hours. A normal working week in London is approximately 40 hours. Applicants undertaking a full time internship may be required to do their internship for any period up to 40 hours per week (excluding lunch and other breaks)

·        Personal issues/relationships with other staff members and the internship supervisor

·        Level of supervision provided. Training and supervision will vary from one company to another. There are no minimum hours that the supervisor is obliged to spend with the applicant on a daily basis

·        Level of responsibility and tasks allocated. This is ultimately determined by the company and is dependant on the qualification/experience and performance of the applicant.



Applicants must attend any interviews with companies as arranged by Homestay  London.  Homestay London has the right to refuse arranging any further interviews for the applicants and excluding the applicant from the program if the applicant refuses to attend interviews or there’s evidence that the applicant performs inadequately at the interview purposefully or is not proficient enough in English.

No alternative placement will be offered to applicants in the event of the applicant being asked to leave by the company for the following reasons:


·        Negligence by the applicant in terms of misconduct or disobeying company procedures and policies

·        Inability to perform training provided by the company due to inaccurate information provided by applicants on their application documents (CV, covering letter and any other documents)

·        Leaving the company without informing Homestay London at least two weeks prior and/or without being given approval to do so by Homestay London.

·        Taking time off for holidays, personal reasons without prior agreement with the company

·        Taking sick leave without providing your company with an adequate medical certificate if asked to do so by the company

·        Changing internship hours without prior permission from the supervisor at the company

·        Not abiding by company rules

·        Demanding payments from the host company if the internship is unpaid

·        Acting in any way that adversely affects the smooth running or operations of the company. For example, unauthorized internet downloads, using company resources in an unacceptable manner etc.

Homestay London is in no way responsible for any damages caused by the applicant during the internship program, where the damages may be of any nature. The applicant accepts all responsibility personally and understands that they are in no way to be regarded as employees of Homestay London.


Confidential Information


The applicant acknowledges that all Confidential Information is and shall be the sole and exclusive property of the employer.  The employee shall not at any time either during or after their employment under this agreement, except in the proper course of duties or as may be required by law.


(a)        without the prior consent in writing of the Company disclose to any other person firm or corporation any confidential information relating to the Company or a related or associated body corporate or other entity or its or their respective businesses or any trade secrets of which the Employee becomes possessed whilst employed by the Company; or

(b)        use or attempt to use any confidential information for the benefit of the Employee or of any other person.

These restrictions shall continue to apply after termination of the Employee’s employment but shall cease to apply to information or knowledge which has come into the public domain otherwise than by breach of this agreement.

For the purposes of this clause “confidential information” includes any information of a secret or confidential nature regarding the business affairs of the Company or the business affairs of any of the Companies related bodies corporate, including any information as to their finances, business dealings, plans, prospects, and trade secrets, and any information in relation to the customers and suppliers of the Company and its related bodies corporate of which the Employee learns in consequence of their employment by the Company.


Intellectual Property / Commercial Information & Knowledge

All Intellectual Property which is produced by the employee during the term and in the course of their employment with the Company and which is relevant in any way to the duties the employee has been asked to perform by the Company, shall be owned by the Company.  This includes, without limitation, all patentable inventions and all copyright materials such as text, presentations, drawings, software programs processes, procedures and multimedia content.

In line with the requirements of the Privacy Act, the Employee must not at any time discuss, forward on (electronically / hard copy) or reveal any information or knowledge including names, addresses, client lists, products or services offered, contract details or service level agreements, company history etc to any person or body concerning our clients or any organization associated with the Company.



All applicants must be covered by Public Liability Insurance provided by Homestay London.

Homestay London will arrange short term personal accident insurance tailored to suit the individual needs of applicants. The policy provides compensation to the insured person in the event that they are injured in the workplace or in the course of necessary travel between the person’s normal residency and the place of their voluntary work.


Entire Understanding


This agreement embodies the entire understanding and agreement between the parties.


All previous negotiations, understandings, representations, warranties, memoranda or commitments in relation to, or in any way affecting, the subject matter of this agreement are superseded by this agreement and shall be of no force or effect whatever and no party shall be liable to any other party in respect of those matters.


No verbal explanation or information provided by any party to another shall:


§    Affect the meaning or interpretation of this agreement, or

§    Constitute any collateral agreement, warranty or understanding between any of the parties.



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